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Tenant Screening Services

Secure the latest and most accurate information on tenants with the help of Credit Data Solutions. Our easy-to-read credit report can help you understand and evaluate the risks of a potential tenant, based on their tenant history. It is not uncommon for real estate managers to unsuspectingly rent property out to tenants who use fraudulent SSNs or hide their criminal records. Our background check tools enable you to choose your tenants wisely. We have helped ease the tenant screening process for many property managers, real estate agents and landlords through our decades of experience in providing tenant history and credit reports.

At Credit Data Solutions, we understand that most property owners and managers do not have the time or the means to carry out a thorough background check of future tenants. If you are a property manager or owner with permissible purpose, you can secure tenant reports from us for enhanced tenant screenings.

Consumer Credit Reports

Our consumer credit reports can help gauge if a prospective tenant poses credit risks or not. Our report includes information such as the payment history, public records, trades, collections, scores, trades, monthly obligations, consumer statements and inquiries. You can review these easy-to-comprehend reports to see how the tenant has managed financial responsibilities in the past and, whether or not their history shows timely payments or payment lapses. Non-payment is, after all, one of the predominant concerns that most landlords have about tenants in the US.

SSN Report/ ID Report and Background Checks

Our tenant reports can help with verification of identity and Social Security Numbers to ensure that the consumer has furnished valid information. Our background check report sheds light on acts of felony or misdemeanor of the subject, if any, by filtering through public court records. We can look up criminal history of the tenant in multiple counties and states, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are contracting with only low-risk tenants. We also check for possible eviction records of tenants, so you know whether or not the tenant has been evicted by a previous landlord in any state in the US.