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Employment Background Checks & Business Credit Services

Whether you are looking at a potential business acquisition opportunity or hiring a prospective candidate, Credit Data Solutions offers critical information that can help you make informed decisions. You may not have the time or the resources to carry out these background checks independently, which is exactly why we are here. We save you the trouble of carrying out time-consuming manual searches and inquiries on businesses and candidates. Our reports are easy-to-understand, and have crisp, concise data that helps drive better-decision making in your company.

Our pre-employment background screening, SSN reports and business credit reports can shed light on crucial factors, so you can make the right choice on whom you want to work with. Our in-depth reports can help identify red flags in your potential employee or business partner by unearthing details like a troubling credit history, bankruptcy, acts of fraud or embezzlement, among others. Every new employee and business that you ink a partnership with is an investment toward the future of your business, and we help you make sure that you are putting your bet on the right people and your money in the right places.

Business Credit Reporting

We evaluate public record files to bring you information on business evictions, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments and others so you make informed credit decisions. Our reports also include the contact information and registration data of the business, alongside information on key members, partners and advisors of the company. The credit reports bring clarity in the financial heath and risks associated with the business, so you can accordingly plan your credit decisions.

Employment Background Checks – PEER Reports (Pre-employment reports)

Pre-employment background checks are a crucial part of the hiring process. It gives employers an opportunity to verify information provided by the candidate while also discovering other information that may be crucial to the hiring decision. It can help uncover information that candidates are trying to conceal or conflict in the information provided by the candidate so you can carry out further review. In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an individual’s credit report can be accessed for employment reasons and our employee credit reports can reveal how candidates handle financial obligations, so you can make your hiring decisions accordingly.

SSN/ ID Report

The SSN report helps identify the subject based on their Social Security Number. The Applicant Identification report can help uncover instances where the candidate has provided conflicting or fraudulent information. An ID report can be used to verify the identity of the subject and aliases and maiden names are uncovered as a part of the report. It also offers insight into the subject’s residential history- address, period, and length of stay. The birth date, subject statements, and number of inquiries on file, are other information that is revealed in the ID report.

Our business services include:

All of the aforementioned services other than business reports require a legitimate reason or purpose to be carried out. You can get in touch with our staff at 1-866-606-5952 if you have any queries.