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About Us

Credit Data Solutions

Credit Data Solutions has been in the consumer reporting industry for more than 90 years. Through the years, we have consistently stayed ahead of our competition in providing accurate, precise and relevant information to our clients. We have actively watched the markets and business models grow, change and emerge into what they are today. We operate three credit reporting agencies working together: Service 1st Information Systems, Statewide Credit, and Credit Bureau of San Diego.

Our strength is our knowledge and experienced team. We hire the best in our industry and strive to retain great people over the years. We take immense pride in the level of customer service we offer and our clients are able to develop positive, professional relationships with our team – an advantage that allows personalized service excellence. We refer to this as the Credit Data Solutions difference!


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Credit Data Solutions: History At A Glance

1926: Credit Bureau of Santa Maria established
1969: The Credit Bureau of Santa Maria, LLC became incorporated
1975: The Credit Bureau of Lompoc merged with Credit Bureau of Santa Maria
1977: The company gets affiliated with The Credit Bureau of Tulare County
1980: The Credit Bureau of San Luis Obispo joins the Organization
2008: Successful acquisition of The Credit Bureau of Redding
2010: Joined with The Credit Bureau of Sacramento
2016: The Bureaus and resulting companies of the original Santa Maria Credit Bureau combined to form Credit Data Solutions, LLC.

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